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Full text of "Thirty-Fifth Annual Report to the Trustees of Shaw University"

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Trustees of Shaw University 



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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 


Raleigh, N. C, May 31, 1900. 

Deak Brethken: — On this closing day of the fiscal year 
I herewith submit to you my sixth annual report, which is 
the thirty fifth since the establishment of the institution. 
The enrolment of students for the year ended to day is 381. 
This does not include the enrolment in the night school, 
which readied 170, though 40 were present so short a time 
that I deem it best to consider the night school enrolment 
130, making the total in all departments 511. Through con- 
tributions of friends, and by careful management, we close 
the year without any indebtedness. The collections from 
students have not been quite as large as last year, but the 
major part of the balance due will be paid at the opening 
of the new year. 

Quite a number of improvements has been made. A 
new brick sidewalk has been built along Blount street in 
front of the Missionary Training School, and twenty shade 
trees have been set out on the Shaw campus. A school- 
room on the second floor of Shaw building was remodelled, 
and on the same floor two rooms were very conveniently 
fitted up for a library and consultation room. The entire 
ground floor of Shaw, with the exception of one room, is 
now remodelled and fitted up into convenient and attrac- 
tive school rooms. This was made possible by contribu- 
tions from friends in the North. In these rooms the night 
schools were carried on for the larger portion of the school 
vear. These schools were for males, whose ages varied from 
ten to sixty seven years. Professor Bruce of the College 
Department, assisted by Dr. Roberts of the Normal Depart 
ment, and Professor Tolman of the Industrial Department, 
conducted the work, aided by a large number of students 
in our professional departments, who served without pay. 

These schools were ver\ 7 acceptable and popular and should 
be continued for many years. 

In my last report, I called attention to the need of in- 
creased facilities in the Industrial Department and to the 
statement of Dr. Curry, that unless additional facilities were 
provided the appropriation from the Slater Fund would be 
decreased or entirely cut off. I regret to inform you that 
the appropriation by the trustees of the Slater Fund has 
been reduced $500 for the next school year. Dr. Curry is 
pleased with the work that we have done, but wants it car- 
ried farther, and steps ought to be taken at once to this 
end. I hardly think the trustees of the John F. Slater Fund 
understand that outside of our professional departments 
students are admitted only on condition that they will de- 
vote each day the required time to the Industrial Depart- 
ment. The best test of the methods of any educational in- 
stitution is the career of the men and women sent out. 
Shaw was established thirty five years ago, and she has held 
on her way quietly and unostentatiously. Her former stu- 
dents and graduates are found in all Southern and some of 
the Northern States, and almost without exception they are 
quiet, orderly and law-abiding citizens, respected by the 
best white and colored people. In many instances the} 7 
have neat, attractive homes and well ordered households 
and some are possessed of considerable property. 

Other needed improvements are those that I named in my 
report last year : a central heating plant, an electric light 
plant, enlargement of the laundry, and the erection of a 
hospital with a nurse training school attached. The dormi- 
tories in Shaw Hall need considerable attention and it will 
require $1,000 or $1,200 to put them in good condition. 
One thousand dollars should be expended in remodeling 
and refitting and providing modern facilities for the Mis- 
sionary Training School. The Chicago Society has com- 
p'ained, and yet I have been unable to make the needed 
changes on account of lack of funds. Estey Hall is now, 

with the exception of a few minor repairs, in a most excel- 
lent condition, both from the standpoint of convenience and 

I ought to inform you that the city of Kaleigh is making 
extensive improvements in its streets. The city authorities 
require the abuttor to pay for the sidewalk and one-fourth 
of the cost of macadamizing the driveway. During the next 
six months nearly if not quite a thousand dollars will be 
needed to meet the demands of the city. 

I have made several campaigns this year in the North in 
the interest of Shaw and have found everywhere the insti- 
tution well known, and nearly everybody approached made 
some contribution, though in nearty every instance it was 
small. I have never been in the North soliciting funds, 
when I have found so many agents from other fields at 
work, and this, together with the efforts put forth for the 
Union University of Virginia, have brought less returns 
than I hoped for, though 1 have faith to believe that the 
increased knowledge of the institution imparted and the ac- 
quaintances formed, will prove valuable. There are at the 
present time several good unpaid contributions, and with 
the money on hand there is probably enough in sight to fit 
up the Chemical Laboratory in the Leonard Medical Build- 
ing and refit the operating room in the same building. We 
have received during the year from the Odell estate $445.32, 
to be used for the institution under the direction of the 
President. When this money is expended a detailed state- 
ment, with proper vouchers, will be forwarded. 

Thirty five students have been graduated from all de- 
partments, and the year from the standpoint of scholarship 
and character has been one of the best. 

The changes made a few years ago in our Theological 
Department are already bearing fruit. Four young men of 
good ability and most excellent character were graduated 
from this department, and we expect now a class will be 
sent out each year. 


I can not close this report without bearing testimony to 
the faithfulness and efficiency of the Faculty in each de- 
partment, and also to the character and deportment of the 
student body at large. It is a remarkable, but true state- 
ment that during the entire year we have not had occasion 
to suspend or expel even one student, and there has been no 
case of discipline brought to the attention of the Faculty. 
There have, of course, been offences, but they were all of a 
minor nature and were handled very quietly and effectivel} 7 . 

This report should not close without some reference to 
the reports so frequently seen in the press concerning the 
colored people in North Carolina and throughout the South, 
for our students are drawn from the entire Southland. 
Whenever a ne^ro commits a crime it is heralded through- 
out the land, but little, if anything, is ever said about the 
large number of quiet, law abiding, Christian men and 
women that are found in every community. When inquiry 
is made concerning these men and women, it will be found 
in the majority of cases they have some education and have 
received all or a large part of this education in schools estab- 
lished by the Home Mission Societies of the various relig 
ions denominations. It is not true that educated colored 
men and women are criminals and that they are made worse 
by education. It is a fact among the colored race, as among 
the white, that they who have received the best intellectual, 
moral and Christian training in educational institutions are 
the quietest, the most orderly, the most peaceable, and the 
most highly respected. I have yet to learn, through all 
these recent trvincj times, of a graduate of Shaw Universitv 
who has been arrested for the committing of any crime or 
who has been other than a quiet, law abiding citizen. 

I append herewith my financial report that has this day 
been forwarded to Mr. Frank R. Hathaway, Treasurer: 

Medical Department. 


Tuition $1,295.00 

Board 3,162.79 

Contributions . . . . ... . ... 389.2 L 

Old accounts ... 191.93 

Slater Fund . 1.000.00 

J. W. Leonard Fund ... 87.50 



School supplies .... ■_ $100.00 

Boarding department ...... . 295.56 

Repairs .... 111.05 

Special improvements 46.64 

James McKee, salary .. 550.00 

A. W. Knox 550.00 

K. P. Battle 550.00 

W. I. Royster 550.00 

R. H. Lewis 275.00 

J. M. Pickel 550.00 

A.W.Goodwin 550.00 

Nurses at Hospital 153.50 

Gratuities— cash 59.00 

Medicines, drugs, etc., for Hospital 100.92 

Diplomas, printing, etc . 63.95 

Traveling expenses 274.20 

Surplus . . . 1,346.61 


Law Department. 


Tuition $260.00 

Board ... 476.85 

Old accounts . . .. 37.50 

Contributions ... 72.50 

Deficiency . 43.25 



E. A. Johnson, salary . $550.00 

R. H. Battle ... 115.00 

Special improvements ... 33.75 

For students' labor ... 91 35 

Fuel . 75.00 

Catalogs, printing, etc 25.00 

Pharmacy Department. 


Tuition.. $280.00 

Board .. 414.6U 

Old accounts 2.25 

Contributions 50.00 



Wm. Simpson, salary ... $550.00 

For students' labor 44.50 

Fuel 75.00 

Catalogs, printing, etc _- . . 25.00 

Surplus 52.35 

746 85 

Literary Department. 



Board . . . . 

Contributions . 

Old accounts . 

All other sources. 


School supplies . ..... 

Boarding department . ... 

Repairs . . . 

Special improvements _ 

For students' labor . 

Salaries , . . ...... 

Gratuities in rebates . 

Traveling expenses, catalogs, printing, station- 
ery, etc 

Note to Citizens National Bank 












290 10 


312 5S 



Salaries, Literary and Industrial Departments. 

Appropriation from the American Baptist Home 

Missionary Society $7,840.00 

John F. Slater Fund 1,500.00 

Woman's Society, Chicago 680.00 


Charles F. Meserve 

N. F. Roberts 

N. C. Bruce ... 




Expenditures — Continued. 

M. D. Bowen $500.00 

C. W. Jewett.. 900.00 

A. W. Pegues 800.00 

Lizzie B. Gibbs 500.00 

Margaret L. Hamilton 400.00 

Ella C. Pegues ... ... . . 400.00 

Ida J. Brown 450.00 

Abby L. Williams 360.00 

Charlotte Murray ... ... ... 480.00 

Gilbert Tolraan ... 600.00 

Rev. C. M. Emery .... 650.00 

Emma L. Miller 360.00 

May C. Hamilton 320.00 




Medical Department $6,126.43 

Law Department . ... 846.85 

Pharmacy Department 746.85 

Literary Department ... . 9,774.48 

Appropriations for salaries 10,020.00 



Medical Department ... . $4,779.82 

Law Department ...... . . 890.10 

Pharmacy Department 694 50 

Literary Department 11,130.19 

Salaries: Literary, Industrial and Missionary 

Training Departments ... 10,020.00 

Respectfully submitted, 

Chakles Francis Meserve,